George Laczko


George Laczko is a forward-thinking entrepreneur who is always on the lookout for the next big opportunity. He has built several successful businesses himself and specializes in organizations that are capital-light and self-funded. He generally works on his business ventures for 8 to 16 months. Once he feels he has perfected the business process, George hands over the day to day business operations so that he can focus on the next opportunity that comes his way. 

George Laczko has owned and operated the Law of Investment since 2010. Through this business, he offers angel investments into various business ventures. He prefers to invest in companies that are centered around lead generation, online sales, instructional information products, and virtual expertise services.

George Laczko is also a partner for Immigroup, a Canadian immigration consulting firm. Immigroup started as a brick and mortar business in 2004 and remained that way until 2013. George and the other business partners changed the company’s business model in 2013 from over twelve full-time employees to renting out the website, and driving leads to others in the field. 

Another one of George Laczko’s business ventures has been George founded this RFID duplication business in 2015. He had been trying to have a fob copy made in Toronto and became frustrated with the lack of options available. George recognized this as an area of opportunity and grew the business into a successful organization. He currently rents the website to a friend in Toronto. 

George Laczko has also served as a consultant for AppliConsult Call Center since 2009. George set up the call center himself to address the growing call center needs with Immigroup. At one time, the center had seven full-time employees, but today they operate with only two employees in the office.

Since 2018, George Laczko has also owned a company called is a website that brings together people who are using products known as “Heat-Not-Burn” (HnB).

Like the name implies, HnB products are tobacco products that are heated rather than burned. The heating process creates a flavorful nicotine-containing vapor that is inhaled through the mouth. As a lifetime smoker, George was attracted to this business and saw the technology as a viable option to quit traditional cigarettes. He loved the idea of bringing together HnB users so they can learn together, discuss, and share experiences with one another.

Lastly, since 2019, George Laczko has owned and operated a website and YouTube channel under his own name. On these platforms, George shares business ideas, networks with entrepreneurs, and is actively tapping into the growing movement of influencers throughout the world. On his site, you can learn more about launching a business, tips for evaluating business opportunities, and read about George’s latest projects!

George Laczko was born in Budapest but spent the majority of his life in Toronto. Today, he spends his time split between Bulgaria, Thailand, and Canada. When he isn’t working on a new business project or networking with other entrepreneurs, George enjoys learning about geopolitics.